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So if you want a smaller government

Not everything is black and white and sometimes a good solution to one problem can create an additional issue to address. What don’t you understand about this? There are large segments of the population who will never have kids. There are some work environments where covering for your pregnant colleagues can be a HUGE burden over time.

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canada goose coats on sale Point being, there about a million and one things that the Ford government could cut besides health and education that have far more evidence warranting cuts that the Ford government hasn even addressed. Furthermore, the Ford government seems more concerned with implementing cuts that reduce revenues instead of reducing spending to be more in line with them, which doesn make a lot of sense, because it encourages left wing governments to boost spending and taxes even further when they get back into power. So if you want a smaller government, you have to focus on more permanent solutions to keep spending levels down while finding more efficient/cost effective ways to manage the issues being addressed by specific programs etc.. canada goose coats on sale

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