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Those add a solid 10 15% dps boost over the usual meta builds

I stick with Rad Toxin for Corpus though. If I was planning long term endurance (90 minutes+) against infested, I go Corrosive Blast, since all of the problem infested use Fossilized Health which is weak to both.Also, below level 100, it basically doesn matter what I use unless they augmented by Sortie conditions (armour, physical, elemental enhancements, or eximus stronghold)Good thing impact is trash and both mods are useless.In the extremly niche case were you actually are going to want to use an impact mod, I think most players would gladly take a 5% dps loss over having to spend 40,000 Endo and a million credits.Look at the Primed Bane mods. Those add a solid 10 15% dps boost over the usual meta builds, but virtually no one uses them because it not worth the Endo and credits.

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