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For anyone new to me, I’ve been lifting weights for 18 years and have competed in 3 powerlifting meets and a dozen strongman competitions. After deciding against competing in strongman nationals this year, I found myself with a lot of downtime between comps and decided to give Jon Andersen’s “Deep Water” program a try. I had first seen Jon back in IFSA, and was immensely impressed with his physique and ability, and then rediscovered him in Mark Bell’s “Power” magazine where he’d have a monthly Deep Water column written about him by his training partner Jasha Faye.

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cheap Canada Goose Her dad came on the forums asking if we knew anything and me, a dumb teenager, was scared to say what I knew. I doubt he even knew about her boyfriend. Her dad was also verbally abusive to her. There might a risk of spoiling the case against him if she goes overboard and gets pinged for it, so I wager she erred on the side of caution.Be surprised cheap canada goose if the ID thing wasn already required of drivers too.If he continues driving between now and sentencing I be angrier at the taxi regulator than the judge. He may not have been fully convicted yet, but he has plead guilty. That should be enough to say “you not suitable to drive a taxi”.So I guess the judge took his wife and kids into account, and determined that on balance it important for him to earn a living and support them, and the risk he poses to women is acceptable in comparison?As much as I have sympathy for Uddin wife and children, they have a problem that the judge cannot fix cheap Canada Goose.

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