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I love the Over the Rhine area (OTR as people in this thread

When I first came to America I was met with racist chants like “monkey boy” from the white students and a few teachers so I recoiled away from them and tried to integrate into the black community. To my surprise I still got racist remarks thrown at me for being darker than them and having kinkier hair than them along with all the racist jokes about Africans being primitive ape like beings. To then hear people in positions of power such as college educators and government adjudicators promoting this false narrative that racism is a purely white problem just seems like the biggest lie.

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buy canada goose jacket cheap The ribs are not anything like you get at a traditional BBQ spot, but I still think they great.I would also add Andy Mediterranean, and Precinct (steak house), and Terry Turf Club (burgers), and Boca (fancy and pricey), to name a few.Edit: also Graeter is the best ice cream on the planet. Anyone who disagrees is wrongI don live in Cinci but I visit every now and then. I love the Over the Rhine area (OTR as people in this thread say) and recommend Lackman and the Taft Ale House.Not sure on food (other than Goldstar > Skyline fight me bros I can take you) but googling places nearby has always ended up with good local places. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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