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It can be seen as unmasculine to care at all or have

I use it when I need lots of moisture without the stickyness of the lanolin. Still offers a bit of the protective layer, but not as much and for less time. Also great for chapped lips!Glaxal Base: I use the cream for active treatment. Firefly, pulse, shield and Chenm launcher are fairy useless although occasionally the Chem launcher with corrosion can be good for dealing with a troublesome boss or taking on high alert level control points.They have the data to know what people are using and if those uses are successful or not in a given mission. If those numbers are in line with where they want them to be then they can put together a nice little blogpost and spread it around, oil on troubled waters. The discussion goalposts are then officially moved from “is this company asleep at the wheel/categorically incompetent” to “I disagree with the direction the game is stated to be moving.”I make no mistake that many people who believe the latter won know how to express themselves except by parroting the former but that every game community, hell every hobbyist community everywhere.

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