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However, if they are enacting selective enforcement of a no

You say you “built” blowguns, not you use pipe as blowguns. So modification, or poor choice of words? Either way, your reading skills are lacking. “The weapon sometimes known as a blowgun” is not a pipe. However, if they are enacting selective enforcement of a no pet policy you are being treated unfairly. If others are being allowed to keep otherwise restricted pets and you are being singled out you have a case to fight for your flock if you have the moxie.(also words)HOA Rule Changes Removing RightsI assume HOA can be forced on a home owner.I mean, if you move into a neighborhood with an HOA they make you sign contracts to abide by the HOA. If you in a neighborhood that doesn have one (and in our case that was a specific requirement when we were house shopping), then I don see how an HOA could come in after.

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