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Was needing HM slaves a good way of gating? Fuck no

Every day is a struggle but today I am going on over 24 hours without a major depressive state and without any major panic attacks. I am still a little nervous (for no reason) but it is not like the anxiety that I am used to facing. This feeling is probably only temporary but the fact that it has been over an entire day is awesome.

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Canada Goose Outlet Was that a good answer to that need? No. Does Pokemon need gating? Yes. Was needing HM slaves a good way of gating? Fuck no.And the “you don believe games are art” part of the argument is an absolute garbage argument and a complete non sequitor. What would you prefer, free talent 9 runes from some sign in event, or a decent chance to get the runes from the Heroes Trial? Because that is one big joke. I am F2P and got 13 Lv 9 runes so far. Some were from gifts, some were from Pirate Booty Canada Goose Outlet.

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