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Like you, I profoundly Jewish, I look very Jewish, and I was

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Every bit of evidence the police had pointed to Zimmerman shooting Martin in self defense, including the testimony of Martin friend that he had told her on the phone he was going back to confront Zimmerman and had been watching him on the phone from out of sight. The evidence includes the timeline of the call he made to 911 and the distance the attack occurred from his truck meant that at a light jog, they would have covered the distance to Martin house seven times, or made almost three circuits around the block, which blew up any idea that he had “stalked” Martin. The supposed “chase” the media tried push would have had to have been sustained at a comical 1.5 miles per hour for them to have ended up where they were..

I have seen therapists off and on for over 15 years, I’m on SSD for major depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I haven’t seen one in about 2 years so that’s a good idea about getting back into therapy. I just get frustrated bc it’s a community mental health program I go to for my meds and therapy and unfortunately there’s a high turnover rate with therapists with that.

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fake hermes belt vs real He told me when he lives it up he may spend $1000 a month but can get by on $600 $700 no problem. He catches a lot of his dinner and whatever area he’s in he goes out and picks berries, fruits, nuts etc. Been thinking about doing this myself. If someone got sober through the traditional term “God” then maybe you shouldn’t ask that person to be your sponsor. Find someone who feels the same way as you do because there’s ALOT of Atheists and Agnostoics in AA. Because remember fake hermes belt vs real.

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