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I never forget the looks on the faces of my brother and his

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It was a huge lesson, is all I can say to defend myself. And since it Ash Wednesday I add that every Good Friday, when they get to the part about the Roman soldier who crashed to his knees beside the cross and cried out “surely this was the son of God,” I know the feeling. I never forget the looks on the faces of my brother and his best friend when I told them.

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I usually quit out at that point even if I had some time left on the clock. The times I truly timed out the boss was maybe 40% left. The closest I got was maybe 15% left but I think I got lucky because I haven’t been able to get that far again. Tom Cotton (R. Ark.), David Perdue (R. Ga.) and Josh Hawley (R Mo.) have introduced legislation that would reduce legal immigration by 50 percent over 10 years.

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