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Basically in a contract, you can just say “Person A gives me something, I give Person A nothing.” That lacks “consideration”, or, some mutual exchange between the two. They can just SAY that they explained it to you, you actually have to get something out of it, even if it token. If you don then that part of the contract is unenforceable..

You completely ignore that replica hermes birkin 30cm when shit isn locked, the game gets further and further away from OWL so when the Devs have to try and balance that shit, they further alienate their playerbase. You completely ignore the fact that if the game is locked to a certain number of heroes hermes birkin replica uk then preventing these dominant mirror matches becomes easier because you don have to worry about creating something even more dominant due to stacking. Brig could be competent anti dive without rendering an entire class of heroes obsolete.

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