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The possibility of your powers failing or getting denied

3×10 cultists tax, maybe one 30. While you can, and should, take 3 or 2 (the 3rd will be TS Supreme) cheap chaos battalions from CD and CSM, the renegade battery is too heavy of a tax to use for extra 3 CP.Elites and Fast nah, from a competitive point of view, why even bother, when considering effectiveness per point spent, just for a sake of diversity? Sorry, we talking competitive.Heavy Support Obliterators and Havocs. And the new Chaincannon is not an autopick tbh, you sink 14+20 points into 1W 3+ Sv, so you basicly need a rhino for something like 60 points (don remember) and they get more and more expensive and lose some more tricks while in the transport.Unfortunately, the releases are lucklaster a bit, which is sad for such beautiful models.The opportunity cost of using VotLW on this particular unit.The possibility of your powers failing or getting denied (forcing further compensation mechanics such as Gaze of Fate or other psychic buffs).The possibility of the dude just failing the charge.The possibility of the dude dying on overwatch.While, yes, if all or most of things go right, you probably in a good spot, but is 100ish for lord, 100ish for DA, 70ish for EC, 100ish for Sorc + whatever transport methods you might need worth something just being benefit of Smashcaptains was that they brought their own buffs with them via their abilities and stratagems.

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