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It also talks about certain people profiting off keeping a

Thematic investing You stupider then you think: This is a huge one. People dramatically overestimate their ability to predict trends and “the next big thing” typically this usually results in a commodity based investment program. I had clients call me, their accounts lined with lithium stocks, precious metals.

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canada goose coats Idc what political aisle you’re on, you can’t just place all your faith in one person and refuse anything that doesn’t align with your beliefs. That’s ignorant and can open the door to autocracy.It also talks about certain people profiting off keeping a person like that on power, which is pretty accurate to out modern day elected officials and media.jad4400 2 points submitted 10 days agoFor the contexts of the book, its been a while since I read it, but the general premise is that after a global nuclear war a new Dark Age comes upon humanity, partially because of the destruction wrought by the war, but also because of an event called the “Simplification”, where people turned on the intellectuals of the world, blaming them for the creation of such devastating weapons, mobs of people rampaged around burning books and killing anyone thought to be learned. The books pick up several hundred years later and follow the stories of several generations of monks who preserve memorabilia of the time from before the war, their orders creator (St Lebowitz) was an electrical engineer who worked to preserve knowledge before he was martyred by an angry mob who killed him as part of the Simplification canada goose coats.

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