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this is a canada goose outlet store uk copy


BANGKOK, Thailand On streets in Bangkok and in some of its glistening air conditioned malls, countless counterfeit Rolexes, DVDs, Gucci fashion accessories and other products canada goose outlet online are openly on sale.

Foreign tourists flock to Thailand ubiquitous street markets, fascinated by the look and feel of canada goose jacket outlet the high quality canada goose clearance sale counterfeit goods openly on display and the cheap prices shouted out by touts.

The ambiance of carefree shopping in public for such items make many tourists blas about committing a crime buy canada goose jacket cheap they might never consider back home.

They also see Thais eagerly purchasing the same items, lending an illusion of acceptability, even though everyone knows the Canada Goose Parka goods cheap canada goose are illegal and might get confiscated by international customs agents who often impose heavy fines.

Legal loopholes, the cost of investigations, fears of violence and the sheer quantity of fake goods enable canada goose outlet shop them to publicly offer their wares with in your face sales pitches in English, Chinese and other tourist friendly languages.

People who want an expensive logo or style for a surprisingly cheap price enjoy shopping in Thailand despite American, European, Thai and other efforts to stop intellectual property right infringement.

a fake, but no problem. this is a canada goose outlet store uk copy, not real, but no problem, a cheerful Thai woman says, canada goose factory sale pointing to a black knit polo shirt emblazoned with canada goose black friday sale a Ferrari logo.

I have to worry from police? I am not selling drugs, I am not canada goose outlet store selling heroin. Canada Goose Jackets canada goose outlet in usa I don steal this shirt from anybody, she says in the dilapidated maze of Bangkok wholesale canada goose outlet canada and retail Pratunam Market.

pay police 30,000 baht ($940) every month or every two months, says a nearby seller of fake Rolexes and other top wristwatches.

This cash allegedly goes canada goose outlet to allow his stall to canada goose factory outlet sell counterfeit wristwatches and avoid occasional crackdowns, though he not in the mood to describe those precise benefits.

His Pratunam stall conveniently displays an official Rolex catalog, to convince customers that his Rolexes look just like genuine ones but 10 times cheaper.

Similarly, in nearby Patpong Road tourist canadian goose jacket thronged Night Market, a stall displays a fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual canada goose outlet online uk Submariner for less than $100.

Various retailers sell the genuine item online for $6,500 and upward.

real Rolex is made in Switzerland, the dealer says. one is made on a canada goose outlet sale Japanese machine in Taiwan. an air conditioned mall several miles away, a sign deceptively advertises Martens next canada goose outlet reviews to boots resembling the real thing, but without any logos on the leather or soles.

original Doctor Martens are more than 3,000 baht canada goose ($94) but these are only 999 baht ($31), a young Thai man says.

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