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It was upsetting for me because she had wanted me to keep an

Card shop’s heartwarming gesture for distraught little girl

A card shop boss has been praised for going “above and beyond the call of canada goose store duty” when a little girl was left canada goose outlet toronto factory heartbroken after losing her treasured unicorn toy.

Little Luna Coppin was inconsolable after losing her cuddly unicorn she had been bought by her mum for being brave at the dentist.

After they could find no trace of the toy, which left poor Luna in tears, mum Alice called the shop where they had bought it from to see if they had any more.

They called Card Factory in canada goose High, Street, Swadlincote, and spoke with manager Dale Hopkins who was so taken by the four year old plight he hatched a little plan to cheer up the Elmsleigh Infants School pupil, who turns five on Monday, April 29.

Kind hearted Dale, 23, even paid Canada Goose sale for the replacement unicorn out of his own pocket as he did not want the youngster to be upset.

Dale also wrote a little note to Luna from her unicorn to say her toy had simply been on a shopping trip in Swadlincote and was Canada Goose Online not lost at all, but had been waiting for her to return to collect her.

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Now Dale now been praised by Alice for going above and beyond. Alice said Luna was so happy when she was with her treasured unicorn, called Dash She had lost her original one during a walk from Swadlincote to their home, in Chestnut Avenue, Midway.

Mum Alice, 29, had brought the original 4.99 unicorn canada canada goose coats goose outlet black friday from Card Factory on Thursday, April 18, as a present for Luna after the trip to the dentist, but the toy was lost during canada goose outlet uk sale a shopping trip two days later, leaving the youngster distraught.

It sparked a frantic search around cheap canada goose Swadlincote but they could not find her, said Alice.

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What happened Alice said: “We had been in town with my friend to get some shopping and Luna had her unicorn. She put it in the pushchair of my other daughter. It actually fell canada goose outlet canada off once but we got it back canada goose outlet parka and I told her to keep an eye on it. It canada goose outlet store was quite secure on the pushchair so I do not know how it came off the next time.

“We had actually got home and were unloading the shopping when we noticed it was missing so we retraced our steps goose outlet canada as far as Luna could go back to Swadlincote but could not find it.

“She was distraught. It was upsetting for me because she had wanted me to keep an eye on it and I did say Canada Goose Parka canada goose black friday sale to her that I was pushing her sister.

(Image: Alice Sale)

“She got the unicorn for being brave at the dentist the Thursday before. She was scared of the dentist. She would physically walk in but that was the first time she had actually sat in the dentist chair and let them look at her.

“I rang Card Factory and asked to speak to the manager. I explained what had happened and asked if they could stick one behind the counter until we could pick one up so I could guarantee I could get one. He said he would replace it canada goose uk black friday for her.

“I came in later and the staff immediately knew who we were canada goose outlet jackets and gave me a gift bag with the unicorn inside and a little note.”

What the note said The note read:

“To Luna. When you dropped me on the high street I went on a little adventure. I first went to the sweet shop then to buy some new shoes in Shoe Zone. Eventually I found my way back to the Card Factory and waited to come home to you. Love from your magical unicorn.”

(Image: Alice Sale)

The reaction Alice added: “I was amazed he had taken the time to write that card. He really went above and beyond. It really has made canadian goose jacket a little girl happy.

“He wrote it like the toy had been on an canada goose outlet adventure and had really taken his time.”

Dale, from Church Gresley, said he was just happy he could do something for Luna.

“He canada goose outlet online told Burton Live: “When I was speaking to her mother I could hear her crying in the background, she sounded so distraught. I have sisters myself and wanted to do canada goose outlet something for her.

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