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5 times their weight in gold, according to today’s market value

Fragments of Meteorite Worth Their Weight in Gold

Actually it’s more like 3.5 times their weight in gold, according to today’s market value and meteorite experts from SETI and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

During the daylight hours of April 22, 2012, reports came in from all over the north central California area of an extremely bright fireball described as a “glittering sparkler” and accompanying canada goose outlet parka loud explosion. It was soon determined that this was the cheap canada goose result of a meteoroid about the size of a minivan entering the atmosphere and disintegrating. It was later estimated that the object weighed about 70 metric tons and detonated with a 5 kiloton force.

Over a thousand meteorite Canada Goose sale hunters uk canada goose scrambled to the canada goose outlet store area, Canada Goose online searching for any traces of the cosmic visitor’s remains. goose outlet canada After a few days, several pieces of the meteorite were found and reported by five individuals, adding up to 46 grams in total.

Those pieces could be worth over $9,000 USD, according to Bill Cooke of NASA’s Meteoroid canada goose outlet uk sale Environment Office at Marshall Space Flight Center.

Based on today’s market, that’s about 3.6 times the canada goose Canada Goose Jackets factory outlet value of gold (about $1,660 per troy ounce 31.1 grams).

The high value is due to the extreme rarity of the meteorite fragments. The California fireball is now known to have been created by a CM chondrite, a type of carbonaceous meteorite with material characteristics similar to comets.

SETI Institute’s Franck Marchis and the chondrite fragments (F. Marchis)According to Franck Marchis,Planetary Astronomer at the Carl Sagan Center of the SETI Instituteand one of the coordinators of the meteorite reporting teams, CM chondrites appear to have been altered by water, and canada goose factory sale have deuterium to hydrogen ratios in line with what’s been measured in the tails of comets Halley and Hyakutake.

They also have been found to contain organic compounds and amino acids, lending to the hypothesis that such meteorites may have helped supply early Earth canada goose outlet uk canadian goose jacket with the building blocks for life.

But due to their fragile composition, they are also incredibly rare. Only 1% of known meteorites are CM chondrites, making even the small handful of fragments found in California very valuable.

“This will be only canada goose outlet nyc the third observed CM fall in the US, after Crescent, OK, in 1936, (78 g) and Murray, KY, in 1950 (13 kg),” Marchis told Universe Today.

As far as what the finders will do with the fragments, that’s entirely up to them.

“They can sell them on eBay or they can lend them to the scientists or make a donation.” Marchis said.

Just goes to show that all that glitters really isn’t gold it could be even better.

Read more in uk canada goose outlet an article by Sara Reardon on New Scientist, and read more on the comet/chondrite connection here. And the ongoing search for pieces of what’s now being referred to as the “Sutter’s Mill Meteorite” can be followed hereand here.

The largest canada goose outlet online uk CM chondrite ever recovered was from a fall in Murchison, Australia on September 28, 1969. The total mass of its collected fragments weighed in at over 100 kg (220 lbs).

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Contrary to popular belief, you can still purchase canada goose jacket outlet a decent meteorite on Ebay for cheap!

Caveat emptor, but with common sense a legitimate vendor will be obvious by their history.

A classified stone like NWA 869 has all the naked eye features easily identified for uniqueness fusion crust, cheap canada goose chondrules, inclusions, and lots of metal flecks for as low as.50 cents/gram. A slice the size of a US quarter would be under $10.00. (FTR I not a vendor but a collector)

Like you said, there nothing like holding one in your hand, especially while you canada goose outlet reviews sky gazing!

This one is expensive because it was witnessed (a Vs it is of a rare and scientifically important class (carbonaceous), and there not very much of it from this fall (currently just over 200 g).

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