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We spent most of our time practicing and working together

Western Professor Policy

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for my class and my reasons, it was a language class. We spent most of our time practicing and working together. Of the 3 hours of class time, only about 20 30 minutes were lecture. Everything that we discussed in class, students were responsible to have already read the night before, and they were going to re read that night and do exercises. There was, in my opinion, no help whatsoever from having an electronic device during class time. Others have already pointed out that you can talk to the Accessibility or Student Services department to make a claim if that needed, and I would highly encourage you to do so if you feel like there is something that is holding back your ability to learn in a classroom. The school I worked at (NOT WWU), had an amazing group of people in our Accessibility department. Sometimes students would go to them with frustrations about learning that hermes replica 2424 bag they couldn pinpoint and would come discover that they had various levels of learning disabilities that had gone undiagnosed their whole life up to that point. I actually saw some of my students go from barely passing to getting straight A within a quarter. That being said. if you simply think it better to take notes on a laptop, or want to claim that it your right as a student to do so you will not get much traction, or sympathy from school staff.

best hermes replica study is perfect, but there is quite a bit of documentation that writing notes gives students better retention, and understanding of the data when compared with typing. This includes not only short term, but also long term memory retention. Also, many of those same studies have shown that a student is much more likely to become distracted in class if they have an electronic device available for note taking, since they may try to multitask between note taking and social media/video games/internet/whatever. best hermes replica

a couple of links to studies that I found on a quick google search:

Replica Hermes Bags are both about the same study, but I figured you may be more interested in hearing from one of these sources over the other: Replica Hermes Bags

one seems a little less formal, but their website seems to have decent credentials (based on a quick glance):article links to three separate studies that all came to the same conclusion:appears to be the most legitimate analysis, but is also behind a paywall. Maybe you can get free access since you are a student:Tell your professor you only use it to accommodate a disability. hermes mini evelyne replica Reasonable accommodation. Case closed. It’s federal and hermes replica briefcase state law.

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